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Clownerie / Physical Comedy


The Duo




Two tramps a rundown circusdirector and his companion are on the road, their circus sold, lost broke.

Left with only fantasy, hope and a few boxes they set up a show and improvise where the lion is missing, juggle with what is there and the “grand orchestra” plays today with only two.

In absurd and yet poetic moments “Lost Circus” tells the tale of friendship between two people who have nothing left but continue to pursue their dream of the big show.

Even when everything falls apart and only a handfull of confetti is left over the two wanderers pack up and travel on because this dream shall never end.


Language: nonverbal

Duration: 60 min

Dimensions: 400 x 400 cm


Duo Desolato Roadshow


The Duo Desolato energetically brings clownery and visual comedy onto the streets. But beware, the "Duo Desolato Road Show" is no ordinary show! With these two comedians, everything is possible: a moment ago, they were playing the finest pantomime, suddenly you find them half naked throwing cream pies in their faces. Of course the audience is always included. Just now you were watching an opulent Hollywood happy ending, suddenly you find yourself on stage as part of a show that will sizzle the brain of the viewer! The perfect mix of improvisation and precision is the feature of the Duo Desolato. Two modern clowns in the classical sense, ironic, to the point but somehow charming ...


Languages: nonverbal, English, German, Italian, Spanish

Duration: 50 min.

Dimensions: 4x4 m





The Duo Desolato shines with a Las Vegas magic show, which culminated in the levitation a human being.


In the style of great magicians Merlin tries through hypnosis to bring his assistant Lukas to float.

Of course, the duo holds his motto: "We can do nothing but that professionally"and thus the number is an absolute failure. A hilarious, ironic clownact!


Duration:  5:30 min

Language: nonverbal



A cartoon comes to life on  stage!


Lukas plays Tom & Jerry parralel!

Merlin adds the sound effects in perfect Synchronization.


A comic strip as a pantomime, virtuosically played in absolute precision and great timing.


Meanwhile, a classic of Duo Desolato !!!


Duration: 5 min

Language: nonverbal




A black wall behind which a staircase, an elevator or a whole world is created. For good reasons a classic in the art of pantomime.

Merlin and Luke interpret this number in a very own version full of playfulness, wit and perfect timing.


Duration: 5:30 min

Language: nonverbal